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CNC Controls

We provide a range of GSK controls which are ideal for new machines and retrofits alike. From the ultra-cheap and capable GSK96 3-axis automation control to the advanced 25i 5-Axis Milling Control you can be sure to find the one for your application. All controls are supplied with PLC software compatible with most standard machines ensuring a quick commissioning time.

Control Comparison Chart

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CNC Positioner Controls


GSK96 Positioner Control

The GSK96 3-axis control is an entry-level but capable control for automation where CNC and or Stepper control is required. It also lacks a bus and uses incremental servo motors. Basic turning functions are available and custom M-codes can be made without the need of the unavailable PLC.

GSK96 PDF Manual

CNC Lathe Controls



With 6 feed axes (including Cs axis), 3 spindles, the GSK988TA is a new product aiming at the slant CNC machine and turning center,connected with a servo and I/O unit by GSK-Link bus. Its matched servo motor uses a high-resolution absolute encoder to realize 0.1μm-level position precision and meet high-precision turning-milling compound machining.
With a network interface, GSK988TA supports a remote monitor and file transmission, and meets requirements of a networked teaching and workshop management. It is the best choice of a slant CNC turning machining and turning center.

GSK988TA PDF Manual


GSK980TDi and GSK980TDc

The latest easy to use GSK980TDi has a communication bus connected to the drives and I/O module for quick setup and on-line parameter editing. It uses servo motors with absolute encoders so referencing is not required for power-on.

The lower cost 980TDc control does not implement the bus system and with incremental axes will need referencing on power up. The main benefit with this control is that due to it’s pulse/direction output it’s possible to connect both stepper and servo drives and even control existing servo drives for an even bigger retrofit cost saving.

GSK980TDi PDF Manual
GSK980TDc PDF Manual

CNC Milling Controls



The powerful GSK 218MC has a communication bus connected to the drives and I/O module for quick setup and on-line parameter editing. It uses servo motors with absolute encoders so referencing is not required for power-on.

GSK-218MC PLC and Connection Manual

GSK-218MC Program and Operator Manual



GSK 25i

GSK25i is a new generation of high-performance, high-reliability CNC system that integrates cutting-edge technology in the field of numerical control, through continuous innovation and continuous improvement. The product is powerful, easy to operate and has a wide range of applications.
New generation CNC controller, faster data processing speed, higher system stability, stronger control functions, multi-axis linkage, bus control, high speed and high precision, absolute encoder.

GSK 25i User Manual
GSK 25i Installation and Connection Manual
GSK 25i Parameter Manual

GSK 25i Vertical & Horizontal

10.4 Inch
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GSK 980MDi

GSK980MDi series supports online configuration of servo parameters, online monitoring of servo status and mechanical zero return without gear block. At the same time, experts from the well-known industrial design field were invited to design a new structure, streamlined, double-row soft function key structure, and the operation display highlighted the humanized concept. In addition, the GSK980MDi supports I/O expansion via the GSK-Link bus, which can be adapted to the disc magazine and the bucket magazine to meet the needs of machining centers and special machine tools.

GSK 980MDi PDF Manual

GSK Software


Download Program


Download Program

GSKLadder V2.7(build2676)

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