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Servos, Spindles & Drives


GSK Servo Motors

SJT series sine shaped AC permanent magnet synchronous servo motor, which is researched, developed and manufactured by GSK, adopts the rare earth permanent magnet material of high performance, with the characteristics of high torque inertia ratio, low speed performance and strong overload capacity, etc, which can widely satisfy the requirements of the machine CNC system.

GSK Servo Manual

GSK Servo Motor

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GSK Drives

Depending on the control and chosen servo/spindle motor, the corresponding drive must be selected.
The GS Series is used for servo’s with either incremental or absolute encoders and can be used with or without the GSK-CAN bus.
The GS-L and the GR-L Drives are for servo’s with absolute encoders and controls with GSK-Link communication bus.

GSK GS-CN Manual
GSK GS-L Manual
GSK GR-L Manual


GSK Spindle Motors

The GSK ZJY spindle servo motors are three-phase inductive motor with a low price/performance ratio.
These are compact, high rotation precision, low noise, high reliability and high capability motors, which can widely satisfy the requirements of the CNC machine tool and the automation industry.

ZJT182, 208A, 265A

Power Range: 1.5kw-30kw
Speed Range: 0-12000rpm
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Remote MPG Handwheel

With Cable

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