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Multi-tasking Turning Center


Main & Sub-Spindles Synchronization

Available on both the main spindle and sub-spindles, C1 and C2 axes provide positioning resolution up to 0.0015 degrees to accomplish three dimensional contouring, combined round and prismatic matching by harmonized control of the spindles with the X and Z axes. Exact synchronization between the main spindle and sub-spindles at any rotation speed can be programmed to perform part transfer for secondary machining to enhance production efficiency and reduces idle time.



Y-axis with +/- 50mm of stroke is available for performing thread milling, complex off-center milling and drilling operations on the main or sub-spindle by combining live tool turret. The Y-axis travel is achieved by the simultaneous movement of the two independent slides. This design distributes cutting force over the two slides assuring exceptional rigid and maximum accuracy.


Swing: 522mm
Length: 450mm
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Swing: 612mm
Length: 670mm
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Swing: 910mm
Length: 610mm
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Swing: 600mm
Length: 490mm
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