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Here Are Our Featured Products

Winding & Spooling Machines

Our cutting-edge winding and spooling machines boast advanced tension control systems, ensuring uniform winding of various materials such as wire, cable, and fiber optic strands. Equipped with precise measuring and cutting mechanisms, our machines guarantee accurate spooling lengths for seamless integration into your production line.

CNC Transfer Machines

Experience unparalleled efficiency and flexibility in high-volume production environments with our CNC transfer machines. Featuring multi-axis control and quick-change tooling capabilities, our machines enable rapid part transfer and machining, minimising cycle times and maximising throughput while maintaining exceptional precision and repeatability.

Aluminium Wheel Machines

Elevate your aluminium wheel manufacturing process with our specialised machines engineered for optimal performance and durability. Equipped with high-speed spindle options and advanced tooling systems, our machines deliver precise machining of intricate wheel designs while maintaining strict tolerances and surface finish requirements.

CNC Retrofits and Rebuilds

Enhance the capabilities of your existing CNC machinery with our expert retrofit and rebuild services. From upgrading control systems with the latest technology to refurbishing mechanical components for improved accuracy and reliability, our solutions breathe new life into aging equipment, ensuring compatibility with modern manufacturing demands and extending its operational lifespan.

Aluminium Profile Cutting and Drilling Machines

Maximise efficiency in aluminium profile processing with our state-of-the-art cutting and drilling machines. Featuring high-speed spindle options and advanced servo control systems, our machines deliver precise cuts and holes in aluminium profiles of varying shapes and sizes, optimising material utilisation and minimising production lead times.

Pipe Processing Machines

Revolutionise your pipe manufacturing operations with our specialised processing machines designed for seamless integration into your production line. Utilising advanced CNC technology and adaptive tooling systems, our machines ensure precise machining of pipes with complex geometries while maintaining consistent wall thickness and surface finish quality.

Custom CNC Lathes

Take control of your machining processes with our custom CNC lathes tailored to meet your unique production requirements. Featuring modular design options and advanced spindle configurations, our lathes offer unmatched versatility and precision for turning complex components with tight tolerances and demanding surface finish specifications.


Optimise material handling efficiency with our robust conveyor systems engineered for seamless integration and reliable operation in demanding manufacturing environments. From belt conveyors for bulk material transport to precision indexing conveyors for assembly applications, our solutions are customisable to meet your specific throughput and automation requirements.

Bundle Loaders & Barfeeders

Enhance productivity in your machining operations with our bundle loaders and barfeeders optimised for high-speed and high-precision material feeding. Featuring servo-driven mechanisms and automatic bar length adjustment capabilities, our solutions ensure continuous and efficient loading of raw materials, minimising downtime and maximising spindle utilisation.

Special Purpose CNC Machines

Unlock new possibilities in machining with our specialised CNC machines engineered to tackle unique manufacturing challenges. From custom-built gantry systems for large-scale machining to dedicated gear hobbing machines for high-precision gear manufacturing, our solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your application, delivering exceptional performance and reliability.

Robotics Automation

Embrace the future of manufacturing with our robotics automation solutions designed to optimise efficiency and flexibility in production processes. Integrated with advanced robotic arms and vision systems, our automation solutions enable seamless handling of diverse parts and tasks, increasing throughput and reducing labor costs while ensuring consistent quality and accuracy.

CNC Broaching Machines

Achieve superior surface finish and dimensional accuracy in broaching operations with our CNC broaching machines. Featuring rigid machine structures and high-performance broaching tools, our solutions deliver precise cutting forces and tool positioning, resulting in smooth and burr-free surfaces on workpieces while maximising tool life and production efficiency.

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