Automated 4-Spool Wire Winding Machine

We have developed a spooling machine for electric wire to wind lengths up to 80m onto plastic spools.
The machine can be manually operated, with the optional Fanuc Robot and infeed conveyor for automatic production.
Safety guards are fitted covering the working area of the machine and there are 2 safety
beams which activate and deactivate to provide operator safety when the machine is collecting empty spools and
offloading complete spools to the tray.
The decoiler unit is included from which the wire is fed to each individual spool.

The operation sequence is:
Operator/robot load 4 empty spool to the loading tray, the machine will collect all 4 and start the spooling sequence. Once complete, shorter spools will be released onto an out-feed conveyor belt and longer spools placed onto
the tray for the operator/robot to remove.

The production times are as follows, with operator loading empty spools in each case:
9m Spool: 27sec (auto offload to conveyor)
20m Spool: 35sec (auto offload to conveyor)
40m Spool: 48sec (offload to tray, operator remove full spools)
80m Spool: 78sec (offload to tray, operator remove full spools)

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