Re-Reeling Machine

The Efamatic Re-reeling/Spooling Machine can coil shock tube lengths up to 400m from a 3km reel, by winding it onto your plastic or cardboard spools.
Both spindles are driven, with a buffering “dancer arm” sitting just after the larger coil to ensure the correct tension is maintained. A rotary length counter is used to set the length required, which is manually resettable. Distribution of shock tube onto the smaller cartridge is done using a stepper motor and drive to spread the tube evenly across the spool.
After winding the required length a gripper with integrated cutter will cut the cord and hold both ends until the operator offloads the coil. Safety covers are fitted with an access door for removing the completed spool and fitting the empty cartridge. An ultrasonic sealing unit is fitted to seal one end of the cord.

Optional Extras
Dual Sealing: We can fit a second Ultrasonic sealing unit to seal both sides of the cord.

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