Shock Tube Coiler

This is the Efamatic standard O-Coiler for Shock Tube the with a Wide Length Range of up to 30m and a coil ID of 190mm. A de-coiler fitted to the machine will accommodate a 3km roll of shock tube. This is ideal for installing the machine in confined spaces such as in a container. Operations are de-coiling, winding to program length, new bunch taping, sealing by Ultrasonic Sealer on one end, cut off and then removal by belt conveyor out the back of the machine. The machine is fitted with a 2-axis Fanuc CNC control. Length changeover requires new program selection.

Cycle time varies depending on length. Here are some common lengths and the recorded cycle time:
1.8m ~ 8.7sec; 2 .4m ~ 8.1sec; 3.6m ~ 9.4sec; 4 .2m ~ 9.6sec;
4.8m ~ 9.8sec; 5 .4m ~ 9.96sec; 6m ~ 10.2sec; 7 .2m ~ 10.87sec;
8.4m ~ 11.23sec; 9 m ~ 11.47sec; 1 0m ~ 11.8sec; 12m ~ 12.43sec;
15m ~ 13.8sec; 1 6.2m ~ 13.97sec; 18m ~ 14.4sec; 2 0.4m ~ 15.63sec;
21m ~ 15.9sec; 2 4m ~ 16.9sec;
These times are for a guideline only and do not take into account changeover of supply drum and production efficiency.
Optional extras
Dual Taping: Taping of both sides of the coil; this uses one taping mechanism and the cycle time is a little slower.
Tagging: a tagging unit can be fitted to apply pre-printed labels to the tail end of the coil.

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